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Konbanwa Minna san!*(Good Evening all !)
Suddenly i'm talking like a Japanese People today hahaha

It's happening now a Matsuri (means a japanese festival :p) at my university and today they having a hair cut Demo presented by Shunji Matsuo by HISATO , kyaaaa~ >.<

i have just come out from class, and looking from upstairs how they japanese people,  cutting out some student's hair, and i'm definitely so damn excited to look them closely :D

wheww, i wish i were there, cutted by them :'(

actually, they have a performance tomorrow, but in hair coloring :( i'm so damn want it but, to think that my BF and mommy will not liked it, so i refuse to join, eww, so bad i can't join it! and the best part is, it was FREE! Dammit! :(

they having a Demo 'cuz Shunji Matsuo have a new Salon at Central Park named One Piece :) Great hair studio with a cozy modern place, and a professional team from Japan of course!

maybe someday if i have my own money i will go there n_n

I realized the way Hisato gripped a scissor is a professional do, he gripping it with his thumb and annulary. Reminds me of Beauty Pop manga :)

suddenly the enchor giving a Quiz with a Goodie Bag Prize, Maryati pushed me *Grrr so i answer the questions anyway, with a help from my friends xD

aaaand, the present isss :
i know my photo was creepy, tsk!
 goodie bag,a work book, map, notes, peace chocolate spray, little green frame, and a heart shape (maybe used for nail? LOL)

The best part of the presents is Arimino Peace Chocolate Spray xD i heard hairdressers in Shunji Matsuo mostly likes using Arimino products from Japan. Well i'm proud of having it xD

lil cubicle pattern on the front side, kewll !

with a totally Japanese alphabets, i almost not understand what exactly kind of product it is. But with a little trying, i found an explanation. This is Peace Chocolate Spray from Arimino hair products. This is the short review :

The Chocolate Spray is a unique product, designed to protect hair when used with thermal tools. The spray closes down the cuticle and leaves a beautiful shiny finish. Also works wonders on wavy or curly styles. Hair maintains hold and shine without becoming frizzy or fly-away.

Use on towel-dried hair. Hold can upright and spray 8-10 inches from hair roots to ends, set hair into desired style. Spray on dry hair, section by section, prior to the use of thermal tools. 

My hair is a typical wavy and bold, last year i took a hair smoothing to straighten, but lately it came back to normal, puffy hair :'( So, yes i am interested in Salon and hair treatment. Feel so lucky to have this, hopely it could help me :)

  peace out !

at high school i joined a Japanese Club, and now with a lot of college activity made me a little forget about Japanese stuff :(
Well, this is reminds me a lot :)
These all for today, pals!
On saturday i'll be heading for Bina Nusantara 30th Anniversary at Indosiar - wish you seeing me on TV *_*
Catch you soon!

P.S. : I love this new increase at editing new post services in blogger. Help me a lot ! Keep on evaluating, be better :)

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