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Heyya pals, not a long time ago i'm playing with nail polish when got nothing to do hehehe

 pinky with Tammia

 Daring Red on my foot with unbranded nail polish

 i prefer using Rosary Polish Remover for reducing color change of nail after using nail polish

 half of my collection, the rest was left at home - mostly Tammia

finally made a black one on my index finger !

Mostly i use Tammia Brand for no reason, i remember when i was on elementary school my Mom bought me a red color of Tammia and it still lasted 'till now :)
and in coincidence my friends gave me several nail polish by Tammia as my birthday present!
I liked to having a soft color on my hands and the reverse, a bold one on feet, which is make your feet outrageously shocking :)
Too bad i don't taking photos while my feet using high heels :(
But just for your information, nail polish do make your fingers/feet looking colorful but nails need a time for breath taking with no polish on it, make it bare for a little time, pals, for our healthier nails :)

Be back again, keep on shining! :D

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