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Hello readers, have you try to eat a green noodle? Recently, there's a brand new noodle in my country, named Healtimie. Made from green barley that contains high calcium, high fibre, low fat, natural color, and the most important NO MSG added. Meanwhile green barley has calcium 11x more than fresh milk, vitamin C 7x more than Oranges, iron 5x more than spinach, vitamin B 30x more than fresh milk. And it's healthier to eat without boiling the noodles, to be short, safe to be eaten raw.

Though i cook it in the usual way (boiling it first), the color looks good. And the taste is pretty delicious, it kinda differentiate how the usual noodle with Msg added, i prefer this one. The price maybe a bit more expensive than average noodles, cost about not more than Rp. 5000 (0.4 $) , but it worth to try and besides, it's good for your health! :D

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  1. wow I REALLY love your blog name!!

    xox Cindy from South Africa


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