About Me

1:59 AM

Mostly called as a weird, by my friends. Weird, in a good way (*fingers crossed). Breathtaking photographs, RPG games, easy listening music are the best fuel to light up my giddiness. Currently studying on the true meaning of life and struggling on dry skin type. Often had a twitching palms for beauty products. Having a bitter sweet relationship with coffee, as an act for prioritizing sleep. Tenacious in procrastination, lightheaded and complicated. But simply, you can call me Andrea.

Contact me on :
Instagram : @eandanabyandrea
Email : eandanabyandrea@gmail.com

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Hi guys thank you for reading my blog!
I am happy to share things to you and I hope it will be useful. Do not hesitate to give me comments and i will do my best to reply!

Good day to you!