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3:34 AM

It's 3AM now and i just finished the header of my blog. I Proudly present my new revamped blog : Flushed Paper. Actually i'm not making a new blog after all. I just happened to change the layout. Make it simpler, tidier, because i am a little bit into minimalist thing these days. Comes up with the new blog name, and decided to change my url as well to flushedpaper.blogspot.com

You can still find the old post of my old url andelumud.blogspot.com here. The different things that you will see in the near future is more post. Beauty product reviews, taking photos with Jacob, make up tutorials, outfits, places and foods. As i have decided to being determined to do blogging. I do realized that i have started to blog since 2008, but there is no significant posts back then. Today, 2014 technologies are everywhere, photos can be easily snapped, shared, in our little tiny hands. I can basically blog everywhere (*as long as there is a wifi, or signal in my phone). So please, start to bear my quirky thoughts, everyone!

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