New face : Eandana.

3:08 AM

So here we are,

in a new URL and header. From with Alter Ego header --> --> and now finally

Thoughts that are circling in my head are, do i still want to be little Ande? Ande is my nickname, only close people and relative who called me Ande. The problem is, mostly my foreigner friend will having difficulties to pronounce my surname. Hence, you can call me Andrea.

Secondly, Flushed Paper was made in the mood to be rebel. Blatant. Ends up i feel bad because the name will automatically signaling poop. (Because you flushed poop, lol)

Instead of using common title, i play with a simple anagram from my name. It's Unique in a way and somehow i do feel like I need to make this name grow bigger. Yes, eandana

I love sharing with people. Whether something is nice enough or bad. My assessment won't be 100% matched with you, but i will be more than happy if my valuable information can be one of your material to make a decision. It can be food, place, make up, anything. This will be my world. Chances are you will see more post in Bahasa, i miss writing in Bahasa :)

Back to you soon!

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