September 2015 Haul

2:18 PM

This unexpected September,

got me trapped in a splurge of makeup and skin care.

Too many promo and discount on products that I already had my eyes on from a long time ago, but haven't had my chance to try yet. I tried my best to buy only for the things I need *fingers crossed*. Bravely trying something new by waxing. Uh oh i can't wait to share my ups and down for each product. For some skin care products it will take a longer time to review since I need to see the result first. Worry not, I will share the price including the place where I bought it for easier reference!

I will try to retreat from over shopping this October. Since this month is special on its own way to me, hopefully I can reflects on things and filling my blog more with useful post!

Bye for now!

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