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Hello guys, 

It's been a long time since the last post indeed and i am back with new empties!

Currently I had this weird satisfaction feeling everytime i see a product is empty. Meaning I have been liking it and using it properly so it worth every penny. Through this post i will always give you folks honest review about my content!

Here we go!

Long ago when i was still hesitating to buy micellar water or not, i decided to try Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean.


Packaging made by sturdy plastic with chic minimalistic design. I love how it seems sleek.


The texture is liquid, almost like water. You have to shake it first so the oil part mixed well with the water.


 It has a faint scent but did not disturb me at all.


Stated on the packaging that it removes Eye and Lip, but in my case, I use it for face and neck. I did not get any breakout from doing so, yet my face feels clean. Without any dryness, or oily after usage. The down side is just my eyes hurts when i use to clean eye makeup. Please note that i do not have a sensitive eyes. I do not know what is wrong with this remover. Turns out i need another eye makeup remover alongside with this. Aside of that, actually i like how easy my makeup removed using this product.


The price is around IDR 50k available in your nearest drugstore. 

REPURCHASE ? Unfortunately No.
I like using it to remove makeup on my face. But considering it contained 70ml for IDR 50k, i think i will try another makeup remover. Also i can not using it in eyes area.

See you soon on the next post!

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