1 Month, everyday moment with Jacob

1:28 AM

a lonely road without you

Sorry for a long hiatus, I've so much assignments on this 6th semester. Picture above was taken at Kiki's house when she is treats me and friends for her birthday. At that moment, i have opportunity to bringing up Jacob to accompany me :D I deliberately to not watermarking the picture above, and planning to make it as stock. So people can freely use it to their project. Just simply tell me by comment below and credit me :) Realized that i'm being unproductive on photography nowadays, so i have a glance thought to make a
 "1 Month, everyday moment with Jacob". So the planning is everyday i'm managed (whatever busy i am) to make at least one fine photo with Jacob to be uploaded. Either on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr, or Deviantart. This is a practice to improving my skill too. And to learn to manage time, but also being productive. Maybe i'm gonna try it for a month, for starters :) Nay or Yay? :p By the way, check out my account on Deviantart :)

Keep healthy and eat vegetables pals! :p

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