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Because of my daily sleep routine which is uncontrolled (lol), my eyes turned to be baggy although it's not even have any black shadow on it. But it is disturbing me, and i'm searching for any products that could at least minimize it. And then i found Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet

Front Side 

Back Side 

Inside part - front 

Inside part - Back

A pair of eyemask

The upper seal

The back seal

As you can see on the cover, just put the eye mask below your eyes for about 30minutes, but many people use it when sleep and took it over in the morning. It's my second time using it, but apparently no significant result appeared. Maybe because my baggy eyes is just out of normal (lol) so i have to use it more. 

Pros :
- Had two layers, so the mask is more hygiene
- Cute Packaging

Cons :
- When i put it too close to my eyes, my eyes became itchy
- The price is pretty decent, about $3 USD for a pair of eyemask 

Will i repurchase ? Not really, i'll searching for another brands, Biore Japan maybe? Any of you can tell me where i can buy Biore Eye Mask in Indonesia?

P.S. : It can't reduce eye bags from the effects of crying, i've tried LOL :D

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