Review Beauty Mask in Youthful Looking by Mentholatum

10:38 AM

Morning fellas (By the way it's morning when i made this post lol)
Today i was late to wake up and missed the class *sigh* unfortunately I've a habit to stop the alarm and then sleep again lol but i did it when I've no class. no wonder now my body did it unconsciously -__-
Guess I've to really wake up in the morning and change my habit, start to sleep early too TT___TT
Since i'm a sleepyhead and it's a well known fact that i'm difficult to wake up in the morning -______-

Okay now i'll review mask that you can found it in any drugstore, even in Hypermart or Indomaret, since i was curious about it :D

Beauty Mask in youthful looking by Mentholatum. It can diminish appearance of age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Comes with 2 layers mask, fits with most face shapes easily. Contains Retinol and Improved Sodium Hyaluronate (AcHA). Retinol has anti-aging properties, which conceals fine lines to restore youthful looking skin. AcHA deeply hydrates to maintain skin suppleness. 

First thing that i felt when apply it to my face was cold. It has a cold feeling that made you a bit relaxed :D The scent was tolerable and the price is quite cheap, it's about less than 2 dollars if i'm not mistaken. But personally i don't feel any special with this one, it's just like ordinary mask.

Pros :
- You can find it at the nearest drugstore
- Cheap
- Has cold sensation when it used 

Cons :
- Nothing special with it, just an ordinary one

You can try it if you are curious like me, but personally i wanna try some others that had a better result than this.

Happy pampering !

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  1. aku juga punya masker ini warna hijau dan kuningnya ,emang sih gak ada efek besar apa" yah cuma seger diwajah n enak di aromanya hihi ^_^

    if you don't mind visit my blog dear ^_^

    1. iyaaa, ada harga ada kualitas juga sih yaa hehe
      Okay will check your blog and follow it for sure! :D


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