Welcoming Taylor

10:21 PM

Currently listening @ Missing You by GD

How are you folks? I hope y'all in a good condition :D
Currently i have a new friend who stayed up in my room...

Ta Daaaaa XD

His name is Taylor :D It begins when i'm in my grandma's house, found my uncle's guitar and suddenly played it (i'm searching on Google for the chords by the way, since i don't remember any chords cuz my old guitar was broke and unfortunately my autodidact lesson was not went quite well lol). When i'm at home suddenly i have a thought for having guitar and skilled my self with it. At first it was quite hard since i just googling the chords but now i'm quite decent (i guess :p ). Suddenly when i played it, a name was just popped out : Taylor. XD XD So yeah, i'm having my new besties here besides Jacob of course :D
But, yeah.. Everything has its own consequences either...

My current left fingers 

Can you see my fingers exfoliated? It becomes a bit swollen, and hurts a little. I didn't really put a body/hand lotion on it because i thought it was a normal way if you want to play guitar. It's just the process, and how weird i love how it feels when it becomes hurts. More pain, better. If you wanna play it well :D And recently i just can't sleep without playing it before HAHAHA

I have a thought to be a beauty blogger because i am loving make up, even though i didn't put on make up everyday. I have a thought to be a fashion blogger too since i love to see cool fashion outfits but i just not really wears a fashionable ones when i went to college because i prefer a casual comfortable look when study, but then i do love mix and match when i'm going out. I love photography too and wanna post more about it. But yeah, thoughts is just a thought if i just keep it in my head, right? I guess i just write whatever i'm in the mood to, even it's about make up, fashion, things, or anything :D 

Catch you in the next post, pals!

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