Review Skinfood Pedicure Vita Nail Polish & The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover

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Recently i just bought random things and can't wait to review it one by one for your preferences :)
First this red color of Skin Food nail polish Pedicure Vita. It should be polished at toe nails but i like the daring red color and ends up put it in my finger nail.

 The Front

 The back, mostly in hangul and i don't understand lol

The Brush
One swipe

 Two swipes

It comes in a simple glass packaging and with one swipe you can get a decent red color, and it looks good in two swipes. I like it because the color is quite good for a Rp. 24.000,- or $3 :)

Next is Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover from The Face Shop.

The packaging is made from like a cheap plastic, and simple design. But i don't really mind for a Rp. 13.000,- or $1-2 product. The back is full of hangul and i can't read the ingredients. But it has a unique cap.

At first it's quite difficult to open it, be careful not to broke it. The cap loose and you can whirl it freely and it doesn't open the cap. The way to open it is push it down and turn it into the arrow. Idk but this method is making me crazy at first and i hate it. The usual cap will be okay though, i don't like this complexity.

PROs :
- Cheap
- The Color works good
- The remover works good

CONs :
-  Description in hangul, i don't understand the ingredients
- The remover cap difficult to open 

Sorry for the dull pics, i'm looking for external flash for Jacob to enhancing the quality. Ah, how i miss the sun! And my room in dorm feels like isolated lol The sun doesn't reach my room :( See you in next post!

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  1. very lovely red..but too bad, dry time nya skinfood lama :(

    1. Ah yes, forgot to add that, lama keringnya memang, makasi masukannya ^^

    2. Skin food nail vita ini kl menurut pengalamanku, malah cepet tuh keringnya. Secara aku orangnya gak sabaran, gak betah nungguin kuku kering. Cocok buat keburu2 ahahaa :D

    3. Wah mungkin kalau dibandingkan sama Brand OPI atau sejenisnya, Nail Vita ini memang agak lama keringnya sist :)


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