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Regarding to TRESemme ads that liked by people in my country, so i interested to try it. Because the ads said that it can make your hair like the salon did while you done it at home. So couple weeks ago i joined TRESemme samples giveaway, and then it came yesterday :D Sadly i was not patient and bought one myself before the samples come, but i didn't found the conditioner in my nearest store so i end up just bought the shampoo. Good ones, the sample comes complete with the shampoo and conditioner.

I thought it will come in a tiny size, but it comes in a full size 220ml.

They sent me a set of shampoo and conditioner Smooth & shine. At first the scent made me dizzy, but maybe for you who liked such a strong scent it will be okay. The packaging made from a solid plastic in a simple design and they attempt to have "professional quality".

The Shampoo

The conditioner

The unique ones is the cap, different from other bottles. You must press it so the hole will comes out. It will prevent the over necessity of liquid, which is i like.

And how about the result? My friends who tried it told me that their hair get drenched, well i don't blame my friends because they already had a thin typical hair. Maybe they have to try the other type of TRESemme shampoo. For me who had a dense hair, well good enough for me. It makes my hair quite neat lol still you have to straighten it with iron if you wanna sleek hair, for a dense hair like me. *sigh. 

PROs :
- cheap, almost $2
- you can find it anywhere
- quite works in dense hair
- unique cap

CONs :
- Strong scent

i wish they will produce a new type for a dandruff, maybe? :) Thankyou for reading, i'll be back soon!

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  1. samaa!! saya juga barusan beli yg ini nih...
    hihihi..Salam kenal ya..

    Btw,Ande, after walking in your blogs and read many posts, I nominated u for a LIEBSTER AWARD... Check yours and my post here :



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