Review The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish Christmas Edition

11:24 PM

Hello folks, sorry for being a bad blogger and didn't updating much hehe Happy New Year 2013 everyone! I know i was late, but better late than never ! :p Feelin' kinda lost in the end of last December because of Mayan Rumours but praise God everything is still alright! :) Too bad the weather in Jakarta is really bad, heavy rain almost everyday and it causes a big flood in Jakarta! Praise Allah my dorm was safe but chaotic moments is happened for last several days, hope everything is okay out there..

And i was surprisingly happy when i knew that i was won in Priscilla Clara Giveaway ! And now i wanna review it, The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish Christmas Edition.

At first i was confused about body polish term lol But actually it kind of body scrub or body exfoliator. This cranberry joy body polish is contained with cranberry extract and community fair trade honey for all skin types. It can not used on face. What i love about it is the scent! It's so refreshing but not too much. And like most of The Body Shop products, it's like organic cuz you still can see the real essence of berry in it. 

i tried to put this much just for testing it to my hands, and turns out to be to much lol

i mixed with drops of water, it turns out to a nice foam. if you put more water, the foam will be merrier

The scrub went good and nourishes skin too. Before trying this one i have a thought about having a whitening body wash, but now i feel like if you scrub your body routine it will be brighter absolutely. So i recommend this product for you all :) But maybe for me the price is not really good haha i prefer using fresh fruits though :)

PROs :
- Easy to get (Since The Body Shop booth can be spotted in most of Malls)
- Nice scent

CONs :
- a little bit pricey for a body polish :)

I still have one product from The Body Shop which i got from Priscilla Giveaway, will review it in the next post! See ya! 

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  1. Hello! Happy new year 2013 to you!~

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    if u dont mind, let's join my 1st giveaway... thankyouu & keep blogging! ^^

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    1. Hello you too :D Your blog is pretty amazing too XD

  4. Hi there!
    Nice review, you wrote there!
    Anyway's thanks for leaving your comment on my blog! :)
    Come over and visit italy soon, you'll love it! <3


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