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Okay since my internet connection was had a problem in last several days plus me having last final exam and thesis defense finally i can blog again :D First of all, alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah because i passed my thesis defense and got B, i really really happy! And now try to finishing some documents and last exams in the day after tomorrow :D I have so many things to share with you all, but okay i'll do it little by little :D

As i said in the last post, i will review about my second gift from Priscilla Giveaway that i won, it is The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm.

I super love love love this lipbalm XD I hardly found a great lipbalm that fixed my chapped lips. And i hate lipbalm that left a white cast (LOL Idk what to say this, like a white tunica around lips). This cranberry joy really give me a joy by fixed those things! Happy! It really moisturized lips so it feels waaaay more softer XD
It gives a natural red that won't really appeared though, but for me it's okay. The strawberry scent is soo yummy! Feels like i wanna lick it lol. The packaging is quite unique and i thought it was inspired by a christmas ball that hanging on the christmas tree, i think? Really unique!
You can simply use it without even bother to pat your fingers in it, so hygiene! But i have a thought when the surface decreased, i will have to pat it, no? Like other lipbalm by The body shop? Nah.

PROs :
- Loving the sweet strawberry scent !
- Moisturized my lips very well ! 
- Give a slight red color to lips
- Made my lips sooooo much softer
- Unique packaging
- Decent price

CONs :
- Just when the surface of lipbalm diminish, i think it will be not hygiene anymore, cuz i think you must pat it with your fingers? Idk.

Will i repurchase? until i found a better product than this one, so yeah will do!

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