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Hello ! Sorry for a long hiatus because the card reader in my house wasn't read my memory card so i couldn't upload photos -__- But now I'm back to dorm and will updating some reviews!
Recently i found an affordable Eye Mask that I'm longing in my entire life (okay, this is exaggerating :p) Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask! 

contained of 30 sheets (15 pairs), and as you can see above, enriched with collagen, vitamin E, green tea extract & tropical fruits. Provides intensive hydration & diminishes signs of aging, helps reduce eye puffiness & dark circles. with that amount of sheets, you don't have to worry because the packaging has a seal that you can press it tight to make it closed.

okay, please don't mind my big palm >.<

the sheet is quite big (considering that i have a big palm) , and thin, but it absorbed the liquid inside the packaging quite well, but sometimes i was mistaken by it. I mean the sheet is actually thin, and i must check it like "is it right i just took one layer? or is it two layers?" zzz it doesn't has any seal layer (like plastic layer in each sheet like i found in Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet ).

You have to clean your face first before putting it under your eyes. Wear it about 15-20 minutes (But I usually use it before sleep and took it in the morning). Make sure to close the packaging tightly after use.

 Tips : After you put the sheet, try to look down, if you find yourself uncomfortable, adjust the position till you can looked down without hurting your eyes. 

PROs :
- you can easily found it at Watsons, Guardian or Century
- 30 sheets (15 pairs) per pack
- CHEAP ! just 2-3 $ (about 35.000 rupiahs)
- has seal in the packaging

Cons :
- sometimes the thin layers was confusing

finally it can reduce my eyes puffiness a lil bit (mine needs extra care), maybe if you use it daily the progress will be fast. But the important thing is to sleep earlier or at least at the same time (fingers crossed! :p ) , and having enough time to rest. 

Good day all, i wanna sleep.. lol :p

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  1. I think i need an eye mask very badly too!!
    Good night, have a good rest! :)

  2. beli dimana? :)

    visit my blog ^^

    1. beli d guardian, watsons/century juga ada kok :)

  3. ah! nice review, harganya murah banget -__- wah ada tips memakainya juga XD hahaha
    aku sih seneng malahan kalau dapat mata panda XD /slapped/

    1. iyaaa murah hehehe
      waa, baru kali ini tau ada yg seneng punya mata panda hohoho

      Thanks for visiting! :D


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