Review Vaseline Cocoa Glow

1:53 AM

Hi friends, just a quick post in the mid of night lol Not an expensive brand, but i started to like it : Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow!

24 hours nourishing lotion for soft & glowing skin, with pure cocoa butter + stratys 3 multi - layer moisture. 

It makes skin soft and not greasy at all. But i don't really feel the glowy things after using this body lotion. Nah.

the lotion has a medium thick, and cocoa smell, Love it!

I usually use it night before sleep, it makes my skin softer, recommended !

Tips : I don't use it on back of knee, because it will felt itchy afterwards -__- is it just me (i have a sensitive skin) , or do you feel the same? Just avoid that part.

PROs : 
- Affordable
- Easy to get in your nearest drugstore
- Nice cocoa smell
- Made skin softer
- Not greasy
- Natural ingredients

CONs :
- don't feel glowy at all, like what it promises.

I have a sensitive skin for body lotion, I've tried Nivea and such, then Boom - my skin got itchy everywhere -_-" But this one is not ! Really suits me, so i recommend it for you all !

Good night !

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  1. Much love,
    "You are awesome <3

  2. I do have the same body lotion, but I already throw it to rubbish because I already uses 3/4 of it and it doesn't make me comfortable when I wore it -__- so sticky, yes! I'm agree with no use this lotion back of knees area, it will feel itchy and make my back knee skin red __--__ but overall I love this lotion because it moisture my skin a lot ^^.
    Thanks for sharing ^^


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