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Hello folks!
Each week i always had a thought for updating my blog because i adding some beauty products to my storage recently but unfortunately it 's always failed :(
So much things happened lately and it made me quite reckless in managing time, but now here it is :)
Last month was my Bday and i bought some gears for Jacob, Alhamdulillah, finally i will have some decent photo of products!

This time i'll review about hair care that i recently using and i'm currently loving it!

TRESemme Keratin Smooth!

So it was a long time ago, i were curious about keratin shampoo. So much people told me that keratin will make hair smoother but i don't have an exact product to really try. But after TRESemme launched their newest Keratin shampoo, i have no doubt anymore! :)

The shampoo is the first item i got since in my nearest store (aka indomaret/ alfamart) doesnt has the conditioner. so at first i wear the shampoo alone, and quite happy with the result as i feel my hair softer.

And then i search for the conditioner too at mall and finally found it after i ran out of it in several stores (in guardian & century already run out ). After combined shampoo w/ conditioner my hair has a sweet scent all over the day!

Then i randomly found TRESemme hair mask in Carrefour lol the price is about Rp 30.000 or about $3. No doubt i bought it, and when i combined all the three, my hair feels a lot smoother and it last almost 2 days. It really feels like treatment in salon, i'm in awe :D

PROs : 
- easy to get
- cheap!
- my hair feels silkier & has a sweet lovely scent

CONs :

I previously use TRESemme smooth and shiny but i feel this Keratin formula is way more perfect for me since i straightening + coloring my hair lately. Keratin can heal the bad impact of the straightening & coloring though. 
Repurchase? Absolutely!

That's all and i'll be back soon with another review! :)

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