Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette by The Balm Review

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Today i will review my new toy! Autobalm Hawaii Face Palette from The Balm.

In the size of Driver License, travel friendly

Has a sleeve paper case and card box as usual thing of The Balm products

Consisted of 1 Blush, 1 Lid Eyeshadows, 1 Crease shadow/Liner and 1 Highlighter/Shadow

Swatches without flash, without eyeshadow base

Swatches with flash, without eyeshadow base

PROs :
1. Travel friendly size
2. Pigmented even without primer
3. Affordable.
Bought it for Rp 160.000 on
3. It's a grab and go mini palette.
Consisted of 1 blush. 1 Highlighter/ Eyeshadow. 1 shimmery taupe eyeshadow. 1 dark brown Crease eyeshadow/Liner (can be used for a subtle eyeliner)

CONs :
1. Lightweight.
Mine is already dented in the corner case because of accidentally slipped away and hit the ground

And this is how it looks on me. I only put BB Cream, no concealer nor eyeshadow base. Put it in a hurry, went home late night and managed to took pics before sleep and before it was wiped off (*Gosh, too many excuses. Lol) Anyway, please excuse my light makeup!

Unlike the photo products, Selfie photos are taken with my 5MP front camera cellphone. Muahahahah :p

Over all, It's good for natural makeup and a perfect size to grab and go! 

Till the next post!

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