Negiya Donburi

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Talking about foods!

Last Friday me and friends visited Negiya Donburi in Citywalk Sudirman. And here is what we ordered :

Chicken Teriyaki - Don (Regular size)
Available in Regular (IDR 32k) & Large portion (IDR 48k). 
 Tasted like ordinary rice with teriyaki.

Menya Chicken Katsu - Don (Large size only)
IDR 48k. 
 Big portion (prepare yourself girls). Menya sauce + egg + veggies = YUMMY

Menya Oyako - Don (Regular size)
Available in Regular (IDR 45k) & Large portion (IDR 57k). 
Even the regular one is STILL so much for me! Combination of sliced chicken + Menya sauce + egg + a lot of veggies = TOTAL YUMMEH

Infused Water in Strawberry, Orange, Mint flavor (IDR 17k)
Beverage options is not many. Infused water tasted okay. They make only one flavor per day.


PROs :
Taste -->  Everything with Menya sauce is approved as YUMMY
Quick Serving

Cons :
Beverages option is not many
Long Queue especially on lunch break

Price --> It's okay. 

Tips : 
Call and make a reservation before come.
Know what you want to eat because usually they have a long queue

Will visit again? Probably.

Because i went there on Friday - lunch break, the queue was so long -___- fortunately we already made a reservation so we still got a table. We were too hungry and running out of time, sorry for lack of interior picture :( 
Over all I recommend to choose anything with Menya sauce hahah. Their best seller actually is Menya Gyutan Don but the portion is too big for me, especially for lunch. So, next time maybe! 

Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav 121

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