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Lately I've been following Rachel Goddard Youtube channel and found out that in Kazakhstan there is a cheap matte lipstick that has a superb quality and i swore after watched it that once it is in Indonesia i will buy it!
As usual i search on instagram and excitedly bought 4 colors :
The outer packaging looks good !

Colors that i bought, 13, 10, 06, 11

The packaging looks like a chubby stick in a glance. 

No 013, red color

No 010, Red but the tone is more orange than 013

006, Natural, it's like your lips but in a better color thing

011, dark red plum color

Swatches on hand, left to right 006, 010, 011, 013

 006 on lips, my fav - perfect for daily use.  

010 on lips, you can see it has some orange tone

013 on lips, red and slightly darker than 010

011, dark plum red

  • CHEAP. IDR 25k each bought at indo_makeup
  • KISS PROOF. Yes like their name, it is kiss proof, smear proof. Wont transfer on your tissue, straw, mug. This is the main point why i was so excited. Can you imagine this kind of quality with cheap price??? But, it will fade if you eat a heavy food like nasi padang, but still no need to worry as if you wear a normal lipstick. MAJOR LOVE!
  • POWDERY MATTE FORMULA. It's like a crayon texture, Once i put it, at first it's a bit sticky but won't long because it needs time to set. Once it set, it will stays and the stickiness will gone. In fact i found this lipstick is super light on my lips! SUPER LOVE!
  • MATTE FINISH. No need to explain anything since mostly we are drawn to matte madness.

  • NEEDS SHARPENER. I hope they release a retractable version because i hate sharping things. In fact I bought a sharpener in dual size mode at indo_makeup for IDR 10k
  • If you sniff it right away from the chubby stick it will somehow smell of plastic. But i don't smell anything once i put it on lips. 
  • Mine no 013 was broken in the middle even though i haven't sharpening it yet. It's okay since i can still use it but i think the consistency is not thick enough. Or is it me who overly excited? LOL
  • DRYING. You must, i repeat, must use lipbalm before use.  Somehow each color has a different scale of drying. 06, 013, 011 was still okay but 010 is the most drying and hard to swipe on lips.
  • NEEDS OIL REMOVER. Because it is transfer proof and has a tendency to dry, if you use wet tissues it will needs some effort, plus your lips needs more oil after cleaning. I recommend to use oil based lipstick remover. Usually i use wardah Make Up Remover with Jojoba Oil but my Garnier Micellar Water is also works. Remember to clean it thoroughly.

Repurchase? YES
To be honest with this kiss proof quality and price i cannot complain much. MAJOR HAPPY! 


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