Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lipstick 06 Gorgeous

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One day i went to Watson just roaming around and found out that there is a discount price for Silky Girl lipstick and ends up swatching on my hand. Until i found one shade that beautifully captured my eyes : Moisture Rich shade 06 Gorgeous.

 This is how it looks before the seal removed

 After the seal is removed, as you can see above, the actual packaging is metallic silver with Silky Girl name on it. 

It's a punch color, in the middle of pink and red. 

 Swatch on hand

 On my lips. It gives a natural healthy look. Love it!

  • CHEAP. If  i'm not mistaken not more that IDR 35k in watson. Watch out for discount as they often has promotion.
  • PIGMENTED. and pretty color, i must say.
  • GLIDES SMOOTHLY and moisturized your lips. Still, i will recommend to use lipbalm before use.
  • NON SMEAR PROOF. It can transfer, everywhere.
  • PLAIN PACKAGING. I wish Silky Girl put some more effort on their packaging

Silky Girl color range is in natural shade which for that kind of shade, i usually experimenting on other brand as well. 


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