Wet and Wild Lipstick in Stoplight Red, Just Peachy and Cherry Bomb

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Because red lips are everywhereee right now I've been searching for affordable yet a good quality of red lipstick. (seriously i met a lot of college students in public transportation wearing red lipstick. Oh come on, back then in college not woke up late is considered a miracle. Let alone wearing red lipstick to class, gosh) 

I bumped to Wet and Wild lipstick, searched for the review to check the swatches, suddenly in awe when i look at this tutorial by Janine Intansari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyjHF-KBVXc who put Wet and Wild lipstick in gradient.

Without further ado let's see how the color turns out,

 Left, Just Peachy. Right, Cherry Bomb

 Hopefully it will turns out good when combined together - gradiently

 Cherry Bomb Swatch, it's deep red plum. Good for vampy looks and for gradient inner lips

Cherry Bomb on lips

Just Peachy on lips. It's really peachy in color. It will be too bright for dark skin tone but don't worry it will be okay if you combine it with a darker lipstick color. For fair skin tone, this color will be great!

 Stoplight Red

Stoplight red swatch. It's a bright red. 

Stopliht red on lips.

  • CHEAP. It was around IDR 35-40k if i'm not mistaken. I bought it on sale fyi in DePrincess 
  • GLIDES SMOOTHLY. The texture is kinda buttery so it is not drying lips. Still, i suggest to put lipbalm before use.
  • PIGMENTED. color payoff is really well in one swipe
  • NOT SMEAR PROOF. It will transfer easily
  • IF NOT CAREFUL LIPSTICK WILL HIT THE CAP EASILY. Just be real careful when you put off the cap. Slightly annoying, but hey, it's cheap! 
Repurchase? Maybe.
If i need a dark or unusual color of lipstick and i don't wanna spend too much on thing i will not use regularly. I am the type who do not like to reapply and checking my lipstick everytime i eat something. So i am more into matte lipstick lately :) 

Ciao Bella!

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