Empties Wardah Hydrating Moisturizer Cream

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Back then I've been searching a good moisturizer that suits my skin type. I am someone who have a dry skin. Not too dry until flakes everywhere, but dry enough that sometimes my makeup cracked on my side nose. Aside of that, i wish it to be affordable as well. I run into Suhay Salim youtube channel and found out that her skin type is kind of similar with mine, so I tried what she suggested : Wardah Hydrating Moisturizer Cream.

wardah hydrating moisturizer cream

It was easy to get this product. You can simply run into your nearest drugstore, watsons, even mini market like indomart. In addition the price is really affordable, you might get lucky to buy it under Rp 20.000,- if there is a discount.

wardah hydrating moisturizer cream ingredients

As this is for dry skin, it used aloe vera extract and olive oil to helps to hydrate and soothes skin pH balance. Ingredients stated as picture above.

wardah hydrating moisturizer cream lid

The opener is secure enough, i never had a leak problem with it. It's just that since the hole is kind of big, sometimes the left over will stuck on the opener. Other than that, there is no problem.

wardah hydrating moisturizer cream texture

Texture wise it is in white cream, not really thick in consistency. Easy to blend, no greasy feeling. The scent is refreshing, and not a big deal once you apply it.

Over all it works okay for me. No purging, no zits. For the moisture part, it is decent. I still need some moisture on my side nose part.

I recommend this for people who has a normal type of skin. Whilst for dry skin, i believe you will need more moisture. Nevertheless after had 1 bottle, i am clearly stating that i will not repurchase. Not because it is not good, but because for my dry skin type i need more moisture. But if i got no choice a.k.a. i left my skincare, i will definitely opt for this since it's available almost everywhere.

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  1. Berarti saya bisa pake, nih. Cocok ma jenis kulitnya :)

    1. Yes! Go get try it :)
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