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It was far far away before Garnier Micellar Water officially launched in Indonesia, i was seeking the alternatives of Bioderma Micellar Water. I was looking for more affordable range in particular, and after a lot of search online i specified it to Garnier brand.

garnier micellar water

Back then there was just a few online shop who sell Garnier Micellar Water. I chose Indonesian seller who apparently studied in German and open order for makeup before she get back to Indonesia. If I am not mistaken price that i got for 400 ml is around IDR 140.000 Such a deal, right? The only matter is the packaging is in German language.

garnier micellar water ingredients

Since I can not read Germany at all, then maybe some of you guys can share with me what is the above image about?

garnier micellar water lid

The opener is strongly built. No leak whatsoever. I remember, I chose the Sensitive type of micellar water due to my dry skin. Just pour it on facial cotton and swipe gently in your face.

Texture wise, it is totally clear like water. With no greasy residue at all. I use it on my face, even for eye and lip makeup. No breakout no zits. No dry feeling afterwards. Light and easy. Has a really light scent compared to Bioderma. I am in love.

But the thing with micellar water is, it can not erase heavy matte liquid lipstick. Those kind of liquid lipstick can only be erased by oily makeup remover. I tried it hard on Rimmel Provocalips, and ends up made my lips drier.

Will I repurchase?
I definitely love the products. It is a great dupe compared to Bioderma in terms of price. In my experience with Bioderma, for power of erasing makeup --> Bioderma wins (it's quicker and a little goes a long way. Will post the review asap). If you have some bucks to spare i recommend Bioderma range. But if you want to save up a little bit but still trying micellar water range, Garnier is best choice for you. As for now, i want to try the cleansing oil make up remover, that is why i will not repurchase.

Note : after Garnier Micellar Water officially launched in Indonesia, I liked the idea of smaller packaging for travel necessities. But when i try to sniff the Indonesian version, i do not like the scent. Too chemical and strong. But we will see, if I am interested enough then maybe i will buy and compare.

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