Wardah C-Defense Face Mist Review

2:11 PM

I have been looking for a local mist to help my dry skin lately and I found a new hype : Wardah C-Defense Face Mist.

wardah c defense face mist

wardah c defense face mist ingredients

Claimed to be C defense with vitamin C Face mist. Spritz your energy on with Hi-Grade Vitamin C and Natural Moisturizing Factor, it can help to keep you moisturized and also works for skin elasticity. 

How to use is simply by spritzing it on your face with eyes closed. Wait for a while in order to absorb. It can be used after make up.

You can see the ingredients check here for CosDNA analysis.


Like a water.


 It has a quite strong scent of orange.

wardah c defense face mist semprotan

My verdict here is I do not like the spritzer. Too big, which causing my face felt wet because of too much water comes out at one time, not as refreshed as Evian. I need to put a gap quite far away from my face in order to not over spray. It does not take a long time to absorb to skin, I must say. As for moisturizing, I did not felt that this product helps my dry skin.

Also the main thing that I felt weird is the vitamin C ingredients for a mist. Most likely you will bring and use mist in daylight when you need extra freshness. Meanwhile a lot of discussion  informed to avoid vitamin C during daylight when you under the sun. Prior to this issue, I only use it at home or night time. There was one time after I spritzed it, i washed my face with water only and I did not like the sting I felt on my eyes. Do you guys feel the same? But yeah indeed my eyes is quite sensitive actually. Peculiar fact is, the moment i write this post i found that this product is not listed on Wardah official website, wonder why? For 55ml it will cost around IDR 30.000 - 40.000 depends on where you buy. You can buy it at watson/guardian, or simply at Sociolla. 

Repurchase? Nope. I still prefer another mist that has smaller spritzer. And maybe due to its Vit C ingredients. I want to search other mist that works fine on direct sunlight.

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