Garnier Micellar Water Pink Indonesian Edition Review

1:23 AM

Hello, I am just going to write a quick review of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Pink that is sold in Indonesia. It's one of my overdue empties that I always want to write the review but didn't manage to. Will write more soon!

Right when Bioderma Micellar Water released in Indonesia, everyone raved about it and I am one of the people who also curios about this new formula. But the price always made me hesitant. Hence I was hoping for an affordable alternatives and found that Garnier released a Micellar Water as well in America and Europe. Fortunately at that time, I can buy the Germany version of Garnier Micellar Water before it launched in Indonesia. I was really happy that the German Version did very well on my skin. It cleansed perfectly and the next problem is the difficulty to get the next bottle. I cannot hide my excitement when finally know that Garnier will sell Micellar Water in Indonesia.

PS : My skin is dry to normal type

It’s easy to get, available on your nearest minimart or a click away via e-commerce. They make it big as well with ads and publicity through influencer. It is sold in a smaller bottle than German version, and divided into 2 colors : pink for normal to sensitive skin and blue for combination – acne skin. With smaller bottle, price point is a lot cheaper, around IDR 30,000,- or even cheaper when you get promotion at e-commerce. With all of this, would the benefit will be the same with German version? Unfortunately, it is not working well, at least for me.

The liquid is still transparent like other micellar, but unlike Bioderma, it does not have a strong scent. A plus point for those who sensitive to fragrance. I use it solely to wipe moisturizer + compact powder. I don’t put any additional cleansing because that’s the claim right? It supposed to clean well without the need of rinse, like the Germany version. But I got pimple in a few days. In addition it is difficult to clean matte lip cream. I wonder, do they have a different formula with the international edition?

But don’t worry, I found a lot people who does not feel the same experience as me. Maybe the one that I got is defect product? Who knows. I don’t plan on repurchasing, though. A little advice that you can try is, consider to use it as toner. So after bi-phase cleaning on eye and lip, cleansing oil, and cleansing foam, then next step you can apply the Bioderma as a toner. Good luck.

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