Starting Over.

2:02 PM

I've been writing about a new start again and again.

This blog is initially made in my uni era. It's always on and off. Be it from external, or internal reasons. Rotate between a personal blog where it can be a place to write whatever on mind, then too much consideration, then completely turned into a beauty blog. Now, everyone is basically moved to another platform, you name it: Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram - even Medium; you see, I keep coming to this blog, writing.

Recently I feel like I'm stuck. Is it writer's block? Been so long since my last writing session. The one that comes purely from my heart. Apparently writing digitally and manually using a pen gives a different feeling still.

2020 is a hellish rollercoaster, I reckon. Gratefully I'm alive. Feeling a lot better, even. It feels like a huge burden was off of me. Now comes the (hopefully) exciting new challenge: to upgrade. Rebuilt. To learn and unlearn. Sometimes it's tough, but it's life, what would you expect? If anything, the last thing that possible is to turn hurdle into excitement. Much better than to frustrated about it. The term "choose our reaction to a certain condition" is indeed a heavy task. But it's doable, slowly. 

I found the learning process, a humble experience. 

I can't promise to write a lot, it's just that, writing is soothing. I used to fret about sharing my stories with the world. Afraid of judgment and whatnot. So let's start over, shall we? Put a little emotion and make this blog a little alive and personal. I miss writing a long-ass post in English. Either to post or not to post is a latter decision, what matters is to start. 

So, have you started?

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